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  • New! Support for memberships! Annual or monthly billing; up to 3 member tiers with customizable authorizations per tier; support for unlimited group classes and social dances; and more!
  • New! Support for a second "Master"/"Advanced" billing tier for private lessons, group classes, and social dances
  • Allow clients to self-schedule private lessons through the my.e-Ballroom.com portal!
  • SMS/Text Message Private Lesson Reminders to All or Selected Clients automatically or on demand
  • SMS/Text a Custom Message to All or Selected Clients on demand
  • A portal, my.e-Ballroom.com, that ties into the studio's data to allow customers to view their schedule, and more!
  • Unlimited number of concurrent users, customers, and instructors
  • Export email addresses (by client activity level groups) to Constant Contact, Outlook, GMail, and more!
  • Track the number of lessons and total hours each instructor has spent teaching; includes group classes and social dances!
  • Support for touch-enabled desktops, mobile phones, and select tablets
  • Barcode-scanning customer check in, now for both private lessons and group classes
  • Separate login accounts for instructors
  • Track free introductory private lessons
  • Improved color coding for contracts, packages, and pay-as-you-go lessons
  • Advanced client management
  • Private lesson scheduling and tracking
  • Group lesson and social dance tracking
  • Pay-as-you-go and contracted/package lesson business models supported
  • Updated! Taxable sales, shoe order, non-taxable sales features supporting inventory and staff sale tracking
  • Multiple lesson type contract/packages supported (i.e. combination of private and group lessons)
  • "Introductory Package" (contract/package-like) feature
  • Account credits for clients with (increase/decrease/redeem) audit trail
  • Multiple payment methods/accounting features
  • Advanced contact features for clients
  • Active/Inactive client lists
  • Daily (Summary or Itemized) and Monthly Sales Reports
  • Cancellation trends report and tracking
  • Variable Duration Private Lessons (30, 40, 45, 50, or 55 Minutes and 1, 1.5, or 2 Hours)
  • Instructor's receive a teaching schedule daily via email
  • Upcoming birthday report

Subscriptions for Single Studios

  • Monthly: $25/month
  • Yearly: $200/year (rate of $17/month)

Our pricing is not based upon the number of students, customers, or instructors in your studio.
Includes a 15 day free trial!

Multiple Studios (Franchises/Partners)

Please contact us for a quote for multiple studios.

Custom Reports

Have your data presented your way! Simply pay a one-time fee of $18 per report.

To access our online demo, please click here to provide us your contact information. We'll send you the URL and credentials for the demo account.

  • Demo Account Limitaitons

    The demonstration server runs on an isolated system and database from the production environment; as such, some features have been disabled. Email and SMS functionality are not operational in the demo server. Although your connection to the demo server is secure, do not enter real data into the system as the demo account is not isolated. Data is purged daily.
  • Provide a Valid Email Address

    Your email address will be utilized to send you the URL and temporary password to the demonstration server. Your address is not shared or sold to third parties.
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